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Rings of Summer with Coast Diamonds
By: Dee ~ 7/30/2015

The trend of having an alternative gem engagement ring has hit an all-time high!

Thanks to Coast Diamond's "5 Rings of Summer" event, we get to see just a few of these stunning choices! 

 emerald week 1.jpg

A rare .51carat round Emerald, set in a halo of diamonds, and 18k white gold! 

 sapphire week 2.jpg

A bue sapphire, 4.29 carats, cushion cute, flanked by two half moon diamonds, .59carats, set in Platinum! 

 green tourmaline week 3.jpg

A 5-carat, checkerboard cut, Green Tourmaline, surround by a diamond halo, with a three strand diamond shank set in 14k white gold.

 padraspcha sapphire week 4.jpg

 An orange Padparascha Sapphire, 2.25 carats, flanked by two round diamonds, set in 18k white gold!

 blue indicolite week 5.jpg

And finally, a pear-shaped Blue Indicolite, 2.52 carats, set in diamond halo and 18k white gold!


If you like the idea of an alternative gem engagement ring, let us know! We can special order almost anything from our friends over at Coast Diamonds!