Diamond Stud Earrings

Diamonds (studs) are forever

Diamond studs are one of the must have in any jewelry box. They are Beautiful, sparkle, classic and timeless. With our own diamond wholesale on site, we have the access to a large inventory of diamonds that allow us to hand pick and match pairs of studs in variety of shape, size, color and clarity.

Our studs’ inventory has something for every budget. And as your budget grows, we offer an Upgrade Program for any pair of Studs purchased from us. With this offer you recieve full credit for your previously purchased studs towards any pair of studs with a 50% price increase. 

No. Shape Total Weight Total  Description   Buy
ND940 ROUND 0.24 $350.00 G H    SI   Buy Now 
KOR255 ROUND 0.31 $450.00 G H   SI    
AN212 PRINCESS 0.32 $450.00 F+    VS    Buy Now
AN129 PRINCESS 0.34 $450.00 G H    VS    Buy Now
AN270B ROUND 0.40 $650.00 H I    SI   Buy Now
AN208A ROUND 0.42 $650.00 G H    SI   Buy Now
AN222/276 ROUND 0.45 $700.00 H I     SI   Buy Now
AN260/263B ROUND 0.49 $900.00 H I    SI   Buy Now
AN132A ROUND 0.50 $800.00 H I    SI3 Eye Clean Buy Now
ND905 ROUND 0.60 $1200.00 F G     SI    Buy Now
AN208/219 ROUND 0.61 $1200.00 G H     SI-   Buy Now
AN236A/257 ROUND 0.62 $1200.00 G H   SI+   Buy Now
AN124/152 ROUND 0.75 $1500.00 H I     SI   Buy Now 
AN203/214 ROUND 0.82 $1800.00 H I    SI   Buy Now
ND834/887 ROUND 0.83 $1800.00 G H    SI    Buy Now
AN235 ROUND 0.85 $2000.00 H I    VS   Buy Now
AN273 ROUND 0.90 $2000.00 G H    SI3 EYE Clean  Buy Now
AN147/152 ROUND 0.90 $2200.00 H I    SI   Buy Now 
ND456/TN085 PRINCESS 0.92 $2000.00 G H      SI   Buy Now
KOR208 ROUND 0.92 $2200.00 G H    SI   Buy Now 
AN241/ES ROUND 0.98 $2500.00 F G    VS   Buy Now
8500/ND908 ROUND 1.00 $2100.00 G H    SI3 EYE Clean  Buy Now
AN110/247 ROUND 1.01 $2400.00 G H      SI   Buy Now
ND922 ROUND 1.01 $2300.00 H I      SI-   Buy Now 
AN107/225 ROUND 1.02 $2300.00 G H    SI   Buy Now
TH415 ROUND 1.03 $1200.00 G H    I2 Eye Clean  Buy Now
AN133/215 ROUND 1.04 $2200.00 H I    SI   Buy Now
AN255 PRINCESS 1.05 $2400.00 H I    SI   Buy Now 
AN223/246 ROUND 1.05 $2400.00 White  SI   Buy Now
AN262 ROUND 1.05 $2100.00 H I   SI3 Eye Clean  Buy Now
AN211/232 ROUND 1.07 $2600.00 G H     SI   Buy Now
ND935 ROUND 1.09 $2200.00 G H    SI-   Buy Now 
KOR232 ROUND 1.40 $4700.00 White  SI   Buy Now
KOR144 ROUND 1.40 $4700.00 White  SI    Buy Now
KOR143 ROUND 1.41 $5700.00 G H     SI   Buy Now 
VD077 ROUND 1.48 $3900.00 L M  SI   Buy Now 
KOR061A ROUND 1.41 $5700.00  White  SI    Buy Now
KOR198 ROUND 1.80 $7999.00 H I    SI   Buy Now 
KOR134 ROUND 1.81 $7999.00 White  SI    Buy Now
141528 ROUND 2.01 $7500.00 J K   SI3 EYE Clean Buy Now 
VD081 PRINCESS 2.04 $6900.00 K L  SI   Buy Now
ND843 ROUND 2.10 $9999.00 J K  SI   Buy Now 
VD089 ROUND 2.30 $8900.00 L M  SI