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About Diamond Carat The weight of a diamond is measured in carats. One carat is divided into 100 parts called "points," 1 ct. = 1.00; 1/2 ct. = 0.50. The value of two diamonds of the same weight can vary greatly depending on the color, clarity and especially the cut. While larger diamonds are highly prized, diamonds of equal size may vary widely in value and brilliance, depending on their quality of clarity, cut, and color.

Carat Weight and Price Diamond price increases dramatically as carat weight increases. Thus the price of two carat diamond ring is more expensive that two carat multiple diamonds in a ring. The reason for this is the rarity of bigger pieces of diamonds compared to the smaller pieces. In fact, only one out of one million (more or less) mined diamonds can create a one carat diamond that is fully cut and polished. Another reason is the wastage during the cutting and polishing process that averaged between 40-60 percent of the original carat weight. Because of rarity of larger diamonds and the effect that rarity has on price, less than one percent of all women will ever own a diamond weighing one carat or more.

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