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Spring Engagement Special
By: Dee & Noam ~ 3/15/2019

Are You Ready to Propose?
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Join the Exclusive Redmond Diamond Center Engagement Club!

In addition to your exclusive, personal and stress-free shopping experience, with the purchase of engagement ring and diamond, our Spring Engagement Special include:

FREE Natural Diamond Stud Earring ($350-$1200 value), with an immediate or future upgrade option.

  • Diamond earrings could be the perfect wedding jewelry and/or her “something new”.
  • All of our diamond studs are hand selected and matched by our wholesale expert on site. 
  • Natural diamonds as opposed to manmade, lab grown diamonds and other “diamond” alternatives, are formed very deep below earth surface billions of years ago and bursting their way to earth surface through volcanic eruptions. This natural miracle makes them so unique, rare and valuable. Any other alternative “diamond” will not keep its value.

FREE maintenance for your ring which includes cleaning & rhodium plating.

  • All white gold jewelry are made of an alloy of pure yellow gold and other metals that give the soft gold its strength.
  • Rhodium is a beautiful reflective white precious metal. Being the most expensive metal and a very hard to work with, rhodium used as a coating over the 10K, 14K, 18K white gold jewelry, gives them their bright, mirror-like look.
  • Eventually the rhodium will wear and the yellowish tones will appear. That why white gold jewelry needs to be re-plated once in a while. Typically the cost for rhodium plating can range from $40-$100, which we included for you. 

Setting & sizing including.

$100 Credit toward the purchase of any wedding band.

  • Complimentary appraisal for your engagement ring and diamond. When your ring is finally ready, it’s very important to have it appraised and insured. The appraisal is the verification of your ring and diamond facts and value.
  • It is not the grading report of the diamond. The grading report will give you all the facts of the diamond, but the jewelry appraisal will give you the value of the entire ring that you need in order to insure your ring.

The Best diamond and upgrade your diamond program.

  • Since we personally source our diamond and can 100% guarantee their value, we offer you an upgrade program for any natural diamond and natural diamond stud purchase from us. You will receive full credit on your previously purchased diamond or diamond stud earring towards any natural diamonds purchase with 50% price increase.

Our customer service standards require that we meet individually and privately with you to assure you receive our full, uninterrupted attention. Purchasing a diamond and engagement ring is a major life event and there are many details to consider in your diamond and engagement ring purchase. Our private appointments ensure we have the necessary time to provide you with the education and understanding to make sure you are confident with your diamond and engagement ring decision.

Set your private appointment today for an enjoyable and stress free shopping experience. Call 760-814-2997 or Contact Us!