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Viken's Jewelry
By: Dee ~ 8/13/2015

Viken’s Jewelry, is a manufacturing and jewelry designer out of LA. The beauty of a Viken piece, beyond the visually stunning, is that it is created right there in LA. The work isn’t sent out to another country; it is 100% American Made.

His pieces are elegant and classic: from delicate golden bangles to tanzanite cocktail rings. He creates pieces that not only beg to be worn, but compliment any wearer.

Viken has been working in his shop since 1979. His passion is to create jewelry that people see in their dreams. He works hard to match exactly what a customer wants.

We proudly sell many pieces created by this master jeweler. Stop in today and see his pieces first hand.

And if you are looking to create a one-of-kind piece, bring us your ideas and we will have him start today!

small vic tanz ring.jpg                   two tone bangle.jpg