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brialliant.jpgDiamond cut is important in both shape and depth. The diamond shape is mostly about personal preference with the round diamonds being the most popular representing about 75% of all diamonds sold. The diamond depth was not determined to be of much importance until 1919 when a mathematician named Marcel Tolkowsky used numerical formulas to achieve the modern brilliant cut. He did this by cutting a diamond so that all light entering the stone followed a controlled path to exit the top of the diamond. It was this discovery that lead to the quality and brilliance in diamonds that we enjoy today.

Deep Cut Diamonds

deep.jpgWhen a diamond is cut too deep it looses light out of the bottom. The center of the diamond will appear dark. In this image the light is exiting the side of the diamond. This is because the stone is too deep and the light is not being controlled to go out the top. Some diamonds are cut to have maximum weight rather than maximum beauty. This is an example of that kind of diamond and the effect this cutting has on the beauty. Some people are fooled into thinking that they are getting a better diamond simply because the carat weight is higher, but at the expense of brillance and beauty.



Shallow Cut Diamonds

When a diamond is cut too shallow, brilliance is lost and the diamond appears watery, glassy and dark. Looking from the top, it appears to be much larger than it really is. This is called a "fish-eye" or sometimes a "swindle cut," so called because you can take a diamond of .80 ct with this type of spread cut and make it appear as a 1.00ct diamond. Some people are fooled into thinking that they are getting a larger diamond for the money.


Ideal Cut Diamonds

perfect.jpgWhen a round brilliant diamond has been cut to precise angles and proportions, with superb symmetry and polish, visual patterns begin to emerge. A well-cut and well-proportioned diamond allows the maximum amount of light to enter, reflect and return to your eye. The nice reflection and sparkle are also called the "fire of the diamond." In this image, you can see that the light is going in the top, traveling around the diamond interior and exiting out the top of the stone. No matter where the light enters this diamond, the light will go out the top. This is a brilliant and beautiful stone. Ideal cut diamonds are always more beautiful!!!



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